Sunday, 15 February 2009

Binweevils Racing Glitch

HI, Im going to show to all binweevils fan how to do a racing glitch in binweevils. OH.. forgot to tell you I am darkvil in binweevils who got yellow legs and antenna with dark body and head. OK, let start shall we. First go to this website and click on ''cheat engine 5.5'' with the link colour, I bet all of you can see it. Then, download it and after it downloaded, install the program. OK, now you have to read listen carefully...... I will show you in order.

  1. Open it
  2. Click on mini PC on left up corner
  3. It will pop up a new box and you have to double click on your browser that you are playing binweevils
  4. Then, it will show at the top the name of the application that you have been click
  5. Now, tick the box which is said ''Enable Speedhack'' on right middle corner

OK, now its gonna show a box with decimal number like 1.0. So, now you change the number like 1.5 or 2.0 and after you decide the number click on apply. You can't put more than 2.0 or it will log off your binweevils account everytime. That it for the glitch.

Happy Weevilling :)


Anonymous said...

Little confusin, could u add a tutorial?

Nisarg said...

can u make the screen more bigger plz!!!!!!!!(by the way im gauv's best mate in real life and i ply bin weevils)

gauv said...

darkvil ots me gauv ur bin weevil buddy tell me how to get a quik mulch plzzz bye love yah

Hero said...

Hi Can u do it on my weevil for me im not aloud it :/

Ronaldo -09- said...

Cheatengine 5.5 crashes your computer. I saw you, with Dirt Racer Ben, quite a while ago, and you were telling everyone about it.

Then, when I used it, Dirt Racer Ben told me it crashes your computer.

1 day later, when I was deleting it, my computer Crashed.